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Clinic Posters

  • Exploitive pharmaceutical advertisements on the walls of health clinics in the developing world are replaced by informative posters that are designed and implemented by local health care providers. Topics are suggested by patients and health care providers in the developing world. Recent topics include the rational use of antibiotics and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship. To learn more about our poster campaign or request funding for a poster in your clinic, please click here.
  • To download or view these posters, please visit our download page

Online Tutorials

  • Listening to heart and lung sounds can help physicians improve their diagnostic ability. We have helped to facilitate the construction and distribution of a simple web-based program that provides an accessible learning opportunity for health care providers at any skill level. Currently this program is available in English and Mandarin but within a few months we are hoping to have Spanish available as well.
  • Heart Sounds Program (Mandarin) (English) (Spanish)

Didactic Materials

  • Some emergency concepts can be conveyed in handbook or notecard format, for quick and easy reference. 
  • Care for the Choking Neonate (Vietnamese)
  • Emergency Care Handbooks (Vietnamese)

Journal and Publication Support

  • Continuing education for health care providers is not yet available for many practitioners in the developing world. Web-based journals provide a mechanism for review of basic information as well as the presentation of new material. It also provides a portal for those who wish to learn about authorship in a peer-reviewed fashion.
  • Nepal Journal of Neuroscience
  • We provide technical and travel support for promising young health care providers to publish articles in international peer-reviewed publications and travel to scientific meetings to present high-impact findings.

Capacity Building Workshops

            Internal Medicine

            Obstetrics and Gynecology


            Trauma and General Surgery

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