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Our Mission

Disease and poverty are a powerful combination for destruction. The presence of one implies the existence of both in many countries around the world. Meanwhile, many physicians possess the knowledge and ability to help combat problems that plague these third world countries in a lasting way.

Hundreds of charities around the world relieve a portion of the burden of poverty by providing aid in times of need. This relief can take the form of food, medical supplies, or even dispatching medical teams to deliver emergency assistance. But once the immediate needs have been tended to and the emergency situations reversed, serious underlying problems and shortages remain. The Physician Education Program strives to improve people?s lives in these impoverished areas through education of health care providers close to home.

The capacity of more advanced societies to contribute to medical science and education in the third world is substantial. Although many countries have medical schools and training centers, they lack resources to offer post-graduate medical training or continuing medical education. In addition to this, it is costly and difficult to produce medical texts in some languages forcing schools to use poorly translated materials and even older texts in languages that they do not speak. Simple diagnostic tools that most physicians take for granted in modern medical practice are often not available forcing many to make do without the essentials or improvise with crude substitutes.

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The challenges and problems of third world nations are numerous and the prospect of training better doctors may seem an insurmountable task, but the health of multitudes in third world countries depends upon it. The most lasting form of assistance that can be offered the less fortunate around the world is by providing information and education through programs that are self-sustaining, technologically appropriate and long-term. The Physician Education Program was founded to help provide accessible and appropriate tools for health care providers in underserved regions of the world. All of our programs are designed and implemented at the community level by local health care providers.

Our programs are created by health care providers, for health care providers.

Melanie Walker, M.D.


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