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Health Clinic Posters

Why should the walls of health clinics in the developing world be filled with exploitive advertisements?

The goal of this project is to provide informative health-related posters for health clinics in the developing world. Local health care providers are responsible for choosing a theme, making the posters and placing them into clinics. All of the posters are in locally-appropriate languages/dialects. This is an educational process for physicians, and also for their patients!

Some of the posters and themes can be viewed or downloaded here. Check in frequently since posters are updated monthly.

In addition to the posters found on the download page, health care providers are hard at work making clinic posters in the following in the following places:

  • Monterrey, Mexico in cooperation with several community health care providers affiliated with the Universidad Aut?noma de Nuevo Le?n
  • Kitwe, Zambia in cooperation with the Hill View Clinic
  • Xian, China in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Shaanxi Province of China
  • Kathmadu, Nepal in cooperation with the Nepali Medical Student Society

If you have an idea or for a poster and would like to replace a pharmaceutical poster with a useful one, please let us know.

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